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Granny Wobbly's Fudge Pantry was started on the 5th April 1996 in Tintagel, Cornwall and run by Tim and Sally Flower. A second shop in Wadebridge, Cornwall which opened in November 2007.

“We make traditional hand made crumbly fudge in the shop 5 different flavours - Vanilla, Maple and Walnut , Rum and Raisin, Butterscotch and Chocolate. We also do a mystery 6th flavour of the week (even we don't know what it is until it happens!)

We cook the fudge for one and a half hours in a large pan and when it is cooked it is tipped out onto a cold marble slab where we work and mould it until cool (which takes about 20 mins). Then we slice it up into tablets.

Purchase our fudge from our shop! We sell gift boxes of vanilla and assorted fudge, hampers and wedding favours.
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  Granny Wobbly  
Granny Wobbly was Sally's granny. When she was a child her granny used to live up an uneven road and all the cars used to bump up and down to her house with all the children in the back seat. So they gave her the nickname granny 'Wobbly'!
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